Mux EE Module Docs

for ExpressionEngine



This is tag is a wrapper for a simple video player (Mux Player) intended to get up and running quickly with a live or on-demand stream. It mimics most features in other’s iFrame embeds, with a few simple parameters.

When this is a good option:

  • Just getting started.
  • A simple live stream is needed.
  • Javascript might not be your strongest language.

Additional Live Stream Features Include:

  • Auto start/stop when the stream starts/stops
  • Thumbnail backgrounds
  • DVR option
  • Countdown and messages.

The tag is designed to be simple to use, and as such may limit some options. However moving to using a player directly should be fairly straightforward by using the HLS link tag.

For help in setting up a live stream project, try


Name Description
mux_id Required | ID of the live or asset. (required)
dvr yes to enable the dvr stream where viewers can jump back in time during the live stream. Default is no.
start Time the countdown should be counting to. %Y-%m-%dT%H:%i:%s%Q required.
end What time the player will show an expired message. %Y-%m-%dT%H:%i:%s%Q required.
image URL path. The image to be shown before and after a live stream, or the poster image for Assets. Can be the {thumbnail_url} tag.

The start/end times are just for the viewer's refrence and do not impact the stream being viewed.



// The Asset or Live field name

    start="{entry_date format='{DATE_ISO8601}'}"
    end="{expiration_date format='{DATE_ISO8601}'}"

Vue 3 is used to display the video player, and may have issues with EE Pro's new front-end editing's use of Vue 2. The plan is to transition away from Vue for this in future releases.