Mux EE Module Docs

for ExpressionEngine


3.0.0 May 9, 2023

This release is performance, optimizations, and refactoring much of the codebase. The app should feel faster, and be more reliable.

The main changes:

  • Added supports for Coilpack, including GraphQL, Twig and Blade.
  • Changes to tag names.
  • Removal of some features and options.
  • Updated assets field to find and select existing videos.

Some of the changes include:

  • Removing redundant queries and removing a few tables.
  • Updated Sync process.
  • Added more views with audio-only waveform support.
  • Fixes to setting thumbnails.
  • Cleaned up general metadata view.
  • Add auto-importing of video in entry if not in database.
  • Several changes and additions to the internal video object, and resulting JSON outputted through the tag.
  • Changed object static.renditions to just renditions.
  • Updated and refactored signing keys to reflect Mux’s consolidated key management change.

Several bug fixes, some listed here:

  • Fixed bug with test expiration and added related property to json object.
  • Fixed bug, missing field in Upload menu.
  • Fixed incorrect first time settings warning.
  • Fixed import issues and bugs related to SQL type errors.
  • Fixed a bug setting the title.
  • Fixed a bug that would show errored assets in several views.
  • Fixed playback ID generation bug.
  • Removed HLS quality levels due to Player removing access.
  • Removed webcam and screenshare recording input options.
  • Removed unused API methods.
  • Removed Tips.
  • Removed multiple environments.

  • PHP 8.2 compatibility.

  • Update dependancies.

Added tags:

  • source to object. Live, upload, clip, recording.
  • dvr tag loop to access all regular parameters associated with an DVR Asset.
  • images tag loop.
  • user tag loop.
  • expiration tag loop for Test assets.
  • time tag loop for when the video was last updated, in different formats.
  • updated last time the video data was updated.

Changed Tag Names:

  • timeline... to storyboard... on several tags. (naming consistency)
  • token_storyboard to storyboard_token (naming consistency)
  • token_image to thumbnail_token (naming consistency)
  • jpg_token to image_token (webp is now default)
  • mux_id to uid.
  • mux_status or status to state.
  • title to name.

Removed tags:

  • max_stored_frame_rate
  • max_stored_resolution
  • enviroment
  • act_url and act_write

2.2.0 Sept 30, 2022

  • Fixes and cleanup to :player tag.
  • Fixed manual sync issue.
  • Realtime: JSON: views_url changed to url.
  • Realtime: JSON: Added token to Realtime json output.
  • Realtime: Tag: Renamed tag from real_time_url to realtime_url.
  • Realtime: Tag: Added realtime_token tag.

2.1.1 Sept 16, 2022

  • Fixed tag issue where other meta properties were incorrectly disabled with user.
  • Removed mux_title tag. Use asset_title.
  • Under the hood, added recordings to JSON tag.
  • Removed clip_ids and recording_ids in tags.
  • Added clips and recordings to {json} tag response.
  • Removed the id param in tag response to avoid confusion that it was a unique webhook ID, and not the asset/live ID.
  • Improvements for installation process.

2.1.0 August 25th, 2022

  • New: Reconnection slates for live streams.
  • New: Control panel now using Mux Player.
  • Added API keys check when adding new keys.
  • Fixed bugs in Log display. Removed text search. Adjusted layout.
  • Updated UpChunk to include dynamic chunk sizing for faster uploads.
  • Fixed bugs in template tags and API calls made from templates.

2.0.1 July 29th, 2022

  • New: EE CLI support for API methods.
  • New: Support for Casting in template Mux Player.
  • Fixed importing issues
  • Fixed installation issues in some SQL versions.
  • Fixed issue with act_url and uploading captions.
  • Fixed issue with Player assets in template tags.

2.0.0 July 15th, 2022

Version 2 is a significant rewrite of the core Video methods to allow for signed/secure URL playback and future features.

  • New: Signed playback URLs support. Global setting.
  • New: Domain restrictions for signed playback.
  • New: Real-time views for Mux Data plans that support this feature.
  • New: Real-time views to control panel Player view.
  • New: Auto-generated closed captioning for live streams.
  • New: Waveform viewer/player for audio-only tracks. (Requires Static Renditions).
  • New: Upload from a URL to Asset field.
  • New: Support for Mux’s custom domains (requires Mux to enable)
  • New: Sync Mux Library to EE.
  • New: Service for handling video JSON payload.
  • New: Enriched JSON response for videos.
  • New: Add and manage SRT/WebVTT captions for Assets.

  • Added “system” API key requirement in config setup for real-time streaming stats.

  • Added audio_only tag for assets.
  • Added button to rotate playback links.
  • Added Mux Player example.
  • Added Mux Player and THEOplayer examples.
  • Added several additional template tags.
  • Added URL detection & Import for Asset Input field for when importing URLs in DataGrab..etc.
  • Added Max live stream duration.
  • Shows length of time left in live stream before creating a new asset.
  • Added configuring of live stream reconnect window length as global.
  • API: Creation of generated links for playback, renditions and images in the JSON repsonse.
  • Each video gets a public and signed URL.

  • Fixed some CSS issues in asset listings.

  • Fixed typo in clips of 10 second requirement to 1 second.
  • Fixed issue with multi-uploading.
  • Fixed issue with storyboards not loading in some cases.
  • Fixed pagination bug with logs.
  • Fixed several issues related to EE caching errors.
  • Fixed bug in creating new live streams in a new entry.
  • Fixed slow creation of new live streams.
  • Fixed rtmp link from “rtmpe” to “rtmps”
  • Fixed bug with errors on new live streams.
  • Fixed issues and improved support for errored assets.
  • Fixed partial issue with asset field weird dragging annimation.
  • Changed hls player tag to just be exp:mux:player.
  • Changes to how image manipulations are being stored.
  • Changes to settings to increase loading performance.
  • Version bumps for dependancies.
  • Removed per-title encode setting to match Mux’s depreciation.
  • Removed playback_ids array from JSON in EE tags to protect public keys.
  • Removed file upload for closed captioning for now. Will redo at a later date.
  • Removed Reduced Latency Option. Should use standard or LL-HLS (Low Latency).
  • Deprecated {mux_title} Is now {asset_title}
  • Numerious other misc bugs.

1.4.2 Jan 31, 2022

  • Added static renditions to tags.
  • Add shortcut paste button to adding videos by ID.
  • Added, or split, the front-end API links and keys into read, write, and full for more access control.
  • Removed 10 second minimum for clip duration. Now 1 second.
  • Fixed bug with field settings in Grid and Fluid.
  • Fixed language file issues in field settings.

1.4 Jan 25, 2022

  • (Breaking) Change to how API key are entered and stored.
  • Added Domain, Referrer Restrictions support (not enabled yet).
  • Added initial support for Mux Data (will require adding Data API keys)
  • Added basic stats for single videos in Player.
  • Added several stats Widgets (EE Pro-only)
  • Added VideoJS example.
  • Added redundant CDN flag to HLS url.
  • Added {env_key} in loop.
  • Added filter method for assets, and removed multiple queries during uploading.
  • Fixed issue with Live/Active Recordings not showing metadata.
  • Fixed thumbnail link issue in hlsjs tag.
  • Fixed a bug that generated an EE entry save error when the Live field was empty or unlinked.
  • Fixed a typo with cache naming/breaking.
  • Fixed user logging bug.
  • Rewrite of getting webhook function with improved caching.
  • Lots of small bug fixes.
  • Improvements to caching logic.
  • Version bump Vue, HLS.js

1.1 Dec 2, 2021

  • Added asset feature settings to field type.
  • Added last_generated to JSON API response. Returns ISO 8601 of the last time PHP generated the response.
  • Added toggle for asset field to acceept one or multiple files.
  • Sprinkled animation.
  • Changing webhook storage to use Filesystem service.
  • Fixed fieldtype bug when adding additional live or asset fields.
  • Changed passthrough truncation to 255.
  • Key generators will now only use numbers and letters.

1.0 Nov 19, 2021

  • Added first round of support for live closed captioning.
  • Added settings toggles for enabling Asset-related features and views.
  • Added Asset Field controls for showing File, Screen Capture, Webcam and Drag and Drop reordering.
  • Added update checker to EE store.
  • Added removal of saving webhook.json in cache when removing add-on.
  • Fixed front-end form template for adding Assets and Live, better error handling, added examples.
  • Fixed some Webcam and Screenshare behavior.
  • Fixed bug with Grid vs Fluid vs Normal, because they can’t all get along…
  • Fixed clipping range bug when actively live streaming.
  • Fixed Webhook key generator to only use more URL-friendly characters.
  • Refactor CSS with more variables to allow easier customization for front-end asset upload form.
  • Hide reset webhook key button when using config file.
  • Minor control panel fixes.
  • Version bumps of Vue and HLS.
  • Added auto-handle maintenance logs.


  • Added web camera, and screen recording for uploading to Mux.
  • Database change. Mux webhooks are now stored in their own table.
  • Uncached Settings.
  • Added ability to store raw webhook for debugging.
  • Fixed logging bug for php 8.
  • Fixes for cleaning up logs.