Mux EE Module Docs

for ExpressionEngine

JW Player

<script src=""></script>

{exp:channel:entries channel="blog"}

<!-- The name of your Mux Assets Custom Field below: -->

        <div id="video_local_{uid}"></div>

            var playerInstance = jwplayer("video_local_{uid}");
                playlist: [

                    // Add a Single video to playlist.
                        "file"  : '{playback_url}',
                        "image" : '{thumbnail_url}',
                        "title" : 'First: {uid}',
                        "description" : "The first Video.",

                    // This will loop through clips created from this asset.
                        "file": "{clip_playback_url}",
                        "image": "{clip_thumbnail_url}",
                        "title": "clip: {clip_uid}",
                        "description" : "Video Clip.",

                    // This will loop through recordings made from a live stream ID.
                        "file": "{recording_playback_url}",
                        "image": "{recording_thumbnail_url}",
                        "title": "Rec: {recording_uid}",
                        "description" : "Stream Recording.",