Mux EE Module Docs

for ExpressionEngine

:get & Fieldtype

Theses loops are for displaying audio, video, and images. This guide is a reference for all the 70 or so data tags available for building video experiences. That is a lot of tags to learn, right? So if this seems like a lot to take in, try looking at the player examples first. They show the few critical tags to get video playback. This guide is for digging into the weeds while building a website.

Getting Started

If you are newer to ExpressionEngine, there are two ways to get videos, both have the same tag options.

  • The channel entries field loop {my_custom_mux_field}
  • Directly with the add-on tag {exp:channel:get}

The most common way to get videos is when they are added to entries and the field name is used:


If you already know the video ID, this is the best way to get the video:

{exp:mux:get uid="{your_mux_uid}"}
     // ....

Deleted and Errored videos are not returned

The most commonly-used tags are made stand-alone tags to make life easier for simple development. However there are a number of tag loops that provide more options for developers to use in order to reduce development time for more complex needs.

For example, the playback URL can be accessed

// (recommended)

// And...


The recommendation is to use the shorcut tag, {playback_url} unless you are needing the more powerful data found in the loops.